Wearing Non-Maternity Clothes While Pregnant

March 13, 2017
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When I got pregnant, I was curious to see how long I can wear my regular clothes before having to buy any maternity ones. Honestly, the idea of purchasing maternity clothes seemed like a waste of money. So I wanted to find a way that I can be wearing non-maternity clothes during my pregnancy.

During my first pregnancy with my daughter, I was not showing until the end of my 4th month, and even then it looked more like I just had a big meal than actually being pregnant. Around my 5th month, I had to purchase some maternity pants because mine were getting too tight.

With my this second pregnancy, I started showing a lot sooner. But I was still able to wear some of my regular clothes until my 4th month.

While pregnancy is completely different for everyone, I thought a few tips and ideas on wearing non-maternity clothes while pregnant would be helpful for any mamas out there that don’t feel like buying tons of maternity clothes.

Scroll down for a few simple suggestions.

Brown Ring Chain Flap Bag

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How to Dress Your Bump in non-maternity clothes





Wearing body-con clothes is a must. You don’t need to buy them at a maternity store and any stretchy material will do.

Clothes that actually highlight your belly, rather than hide it will make you look and feel a lot better.


Adding a belt right above your bump will define your body and give you a nice shape.  This works best with dresses, especially maxi dresses.


Leggings are definitely not something I like to wear outside. I have always thought of leggings as something to wear inside the house for comfort. I just am and always will be a jeans girl.

During my pregnancy, though stretchy fabrics felt so much better on my body. So I found some leggings that looked a lot like pants but really stretchy. That saved me from having to buy more than 2 pairs of maternity pants.

Wearing non-maternity clothes while pregnant

Dress up your bump in non-maternity clothes

Wearing Non-Maternity Style




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  • accordingtoblaire

    i totally agree with this! not to mention – its hard to find cute maternity clothes 🙂 I’m almost 8 months pregnant and I’ve just been sizing up in things I would normally buy. and then I can wear them after baby too. great post, you look amazing! xo

    • That is a great idea, a lot of girls I know do that. They will size up on clothes and this helps because maternity clothes are really not that great 😀

    • Exactly! It’s even harder to find cute maternity clothes in the winter 🙂 Sizing up definitely helps.

  • Nataly

    Great tips! You look so pretty in that dress!

    • Thank you, Nataly!