May 10, 2017
a look back at my third trimester

It’s time for the last pregnancy update – the third trimester. If you missed the previous posts in the series, check out the first trimester and second trimester posts as well.

This last trimester was the hardest one for me. I hated that I could barely put on my shoes and I was out of breath after every little thing I do.

Sleeping became quite challenging too. There was way too much pressure to sleep on my back, so I had only two other options to sleep on my left or right side. Well, the problem is that turning in bed with that big belly from side to side was a huge struggle, so many nights I will just sleep on either the left or right side. And that wasn’t really a great solution because I will wake up with my hips asleep and in pain. Not to mention that I had frequent visits to the bathroom every night. So yes, sleeping was difficult.

Baby Liam was growing like a mushroom. He was born a month earlier, and he weighed over 7lb. So if he had been a full-term baby, I wouldn’t be surprised if he weighed almost 8lb. Which is so funny because my daughter was born 2 weeks later than my due date (I was induced) and she weighed a little over 6lb. Every pregnancy is so different.

On that note, I have to tell you that Anabelle is so excited to be a big sister. She wants to read stories to the baby and she is such a big helper, which just fills my heart with joy. 🙂

Anyways, here are a few major things you can expect in this last trimester.

what to expect in the third trimester



Babies become extremely active in the third trimester, and there is also less space in the womb, so expect to feel your baby a lot. It is definitely a great experience to feel your little one, but it can also cause you some discomfort. I found it difficult to be sitting down for extended periods of time, because every time Liam kicked, it felt like it was kicking me in the ribs. Ouch.


Backaches are no fun. There were days when my lower back will be in so much pain, that I couldn’t go to sleep.


I would feel shortness of breath all the time. When I take long walk, take the stairs and even when I go to sleep in the evening. Apparently, it is completely normal to feel that way in the third trimester. I had to make sure to take it easy and not push myself too hard when being active. In the evenings I would stack pillows on top of each other and sleep a bit higher than usual. It really helped me breath easier.


In the third trimester, your uterus starts pushing on your stomach and its contents upwards, which leads to that unpleasant heartburn. I’m glad I didn’t experience that with my first pregnancy but I got a taste of it this time 🙂 It was no fun!

Did I miss anything? What were some of the things you experienced during the 3rd trimester of your pregnancy?

Photography by Evelyne Photography.

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