February 1, 2017
Look Back at My Second Trimester

As of today, I’m 28 weeks pregnant, and I have officially entered the third trimester of my pregnancy.  So this post is all about my experiences during the second trimester.

Second trimester update

Sweater; Jeans; Boots; Lipstick; Rings;


First, let’s talk food. I have to admit that I have never before felt so hungry in my entire life. Food just tasted so delicious during my second trimester. Carbs have been my utter weakness, and even though I love fish, no meat during this pregnancy was as good as bread.

On top of that, there is a bakery on every corner here in The Hague, and I’m telling you every one of them was whispering my name.

I am all about balance, though. So if I want to have a sweet treat (or two, don’t judge me) during the day, I will just have a huge salad and some protein for dinner.


Now, let me tell you about the real struggle. It was these terrible backaches. There were times where I would be laying down on the coach, and I wouldn’t be able to get up due to the pain in my lower back. Also if I ended up being more active throughout the day, I would be in pain for most of the evening. So taking it easy was a must.

Lower back pain is something I definitely do not remember while pregnant with Belle. It might be due to the fact that I’m older now than when I had Belle. But who knows, like they say “Every pregnancy is completely different”.

Other than that, I noticed my gums were extremely sensitive and were only soothed with the use of gentle floss.


  • My nausea was completely gone as soon as I entered my second trimester. It just disappeared like magic.
  • I didn’t feel as tired anymore. At least not as tired as I did during my first trimester.
  • The most exciting part of the second trimester was finding out the gender of the baby.
  • Finally feeling the baby kick and move. This feeling somehow made it more real for the whole family, especially Belle.

Well, I’m glad I’m on to the next phase of my pregnancy. I’ll keep you all updated.

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