May 2, 2016
Braided Hairstyles

I’ve always loved braids and cute braided hairstyles. There’s something truly feminine, girly and elegant about them and even though I’ve never been quite good at doing braids, I like looking at tutorials and experimenting with my hair. Have you every seen a hair tutorial online that looks amazing but it just doesn’t work for your hair? I think we all have. I will often try to do a hairstyle and ignore the fact that the girl in the tutorial has way different hair than mine, usually leaving me with results completely different and dissatisfying. I often end up starting over and repeating this process until I finally give up, settle with my hair up in a bun and wonder why the gods have forsaken me with this thick unbraidable hair.

While braids can be tough to master, they only require practice and the right hair products. You don’t need to use a blow dryer or a hair straightener to get the result you want, which I consider a good reason to choose braids next time you want to try something different with your hair. I love my hair straight, and it’s my usual go-to style, but I’m trying to use less heat to keep my hair healthy and strong.(Also, the last two times I straightened my hair and went outside, I had an unpleasant encounter with rain, my hair went from straight and glorious to a wavy, frizzy mess.) Braids are a timeless classic for all ages, If you ask my daughter what hairstyle she rocks to school every day, she will tell you its braids. Her hair is really long and not as thick as mine, so it allows me to easily try different hairstyle I find online and she loves it.

Below I found some beautiful braid hairstyles for various hair lengths that will provide good inspiration for the next time you want to braid your hair. What do you think of braided hairstyles? Let me know in the comments below.
braided hairstyles long hair

braids for long hair

long hair braid inspiration

braid hairstyle

short hair braid hairstyle

short hair braids

braided hairstyles ideas

*images via Pinterest


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