March 1, 2016
Black Velvet Skirt Outfit

Black Velvet Skirt Outfit




Red lip and ginger hair


How To Wear a Black Velvet Skirt

Skirt: ASOS; Shoes: Kohls (similar here); Tights: Nordstrom; Sweater: New York and Company; Cardigan: Primark; Rings: Mango; Necklace: Mango; Bracelet: Cocoa-Baby


I’m so glad to be back in the Netherlands with my family. These last two months have been so stressful, and now when all of that it’s behind me, I can tell you some exciting news. I’m a US citizen – Yay ‘Merica!!! This past week I travelled back to LA to go to an Oath ceremony and become a US citizen, and I have to tell you it was a great experience. I’ve postponed this whole process for quite some time, and I don’t know why I waited for so long. Apart from that, I was super sick and got the flu last week, so I wasn’t able to enjoy the warm Cali weather. I had the worst cough, runny nose and all those good stuff. At the same time, being jet-lagged and not able to get enough sleep didn’t help either. Boo! Still feeling kind of sick right now, but surely a lot better.

Other than that, I’m waiting for spring in the Netherlands. Many people say it has already started but it doesn’t feel like it, the weather has been so chilly and when is that cold wind going away? #iwantsummer. Today’s outfit is all about being comfy. I’ve been in love with this black velvet skirt since I saw it for the first time. Good news, the skirt is on sale now for almost half the price!! (Yass!!). I wore it with black slip-ons, black tights and a warm fuzzy cardigan. I have to admit, I was a little sceptic at first with velvet coming back in style. Although I love this black velvet skirt, I’m not sure I will wear a velvet top or a dress. What is your take on velvet?

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