Black and Pink OOTD for FALL

March 27, 2017
Black and pink outfit of the day

Black and pink is such an unusual combination for me.

With a few exceptions, you would rarely see me wearing pink. I do like soft and pastel pinks but I’m just not a huge fan of the bright and neon shades of the color. That’s why this sweater worked for me, the color is soft and delicate. The exact type of shade I like, a bit pink, a bit peachy. It also looks good on a fair skin like mine.

On the other hand, black is one of my favorite colors.

A few years ago I threw away a big portion of my clothes that was black and decided that I won’t be purchasing black clothes/shoes/bags anymore. No need to tell you it just didn’t work. Whenever I go into a store, I tend to go to the black and white section first and then I check out everything else.

I have to admit that pink has been growing on me lately. It is a very feminine color and I love the black and pink combination. It gives a nice contrast to my outfits.

Black leather jacket and light pink sweater

Fit and flare knit skirt, black leather jacket

Leather jacket ootd

Black and pink ootd | Hunter boots, light pink sweater



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